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What Is The Cost vs Value Equation?

Confidence is at an all-time high. We can achieve anything we put our minds to and are sold on the idea that everyone can do everything. It’s fantastic! 

You can build your own website, design your own logo, choose your own graphics, write your own copy, create your brand’s identity, reach out to clients, and promote it across all social media platforms. So why would you seek help from professionals?

Truth is you don’t need to.

You have passion that drives you. The vision of how you want everything to look, feel, and be. You have goals that stand before you like a mountain range waiting to be conquered, and you have what it takes to stand at the apex.

We believe in you.

Plus, you’ve seen the websites most people create and they’re mediocre, quick fix, drag-and-drop repetitions. You can grab the same template, get an AI to write your copy and pump out a quick website. Perhaps you can even try your hand at logo design.

Because, let’s face it, even with the self-confidence and steadfast belief in your brilliant business idea, doubt always finds a way to creep in. Its part of being human.  Can you really do this? Is it going to work? Do you really believe in yourself? At least if you do everything, you can save money. 

The thing is, that understandable approach sends the wrong internal messages because it comes from fear. Fear of giving it 100%. Fear of investing real money in something not yet realised. 

But if you had no fear associated with spending money, would you pay someone to create a website that stands out from the drag-and-drop crowd?

Would you want your website, copy, logo, and brand identity to represent the same value as your passion represents to you? 

I mean, that’s the point, isn’t it? 

To be seen, and to create a world around you that platforms your brand in its full glory. With clever copy perfectly placed on a beautiful website that lets people know you’re serious. That shows how much you believe in what you do, what you’re willing to invest in your mission and how much you’re willing to invest in yourself.

So, what is the cost vs value equation? 

Is it fitting in over standing out? Off the rack versus tailored? Time vs outcome? Or is the value only found in avoiding cost? 

Perhaps it is. And we get that. We live in the same world, with the same requirements, challenges, and value-for-money demands.  

But spending less doesn’t always equate to value and doing it yourself doesn’t always avoid cost. And often, we simply don’t value cheap alternatives.   

Real value is found in how much this investment would change your life. In how much time you will save not trying to do everything without help, guidance, and support.

Real value is having a team with you, helping you to climb the mountain. People that understand what you want, have the skill to create it with you and want you to succeed. 

Real value is your time. Your life. Your business. You know what it deserves. And whether you have the time, patience, creativity, skill, and mindset to reflect the brilliance of what you love by going it alone.

Visual Oasis, know what you want because we are you. We walk the same paths. Face the same challenges. Climb the same mountains and slay the same monsters. 

We value that connection. 

Together we can channel our combined power into branding, communication, and design excellence. 

We know the reality of brand identity, the magic of visual and verbal communication, the effort that goes into excellent design, and we understand the value of what we do.

And we care about the details, so you don’t have to.

If we make value-based decisions over cost-based decisions, we leave scarcity and fear, entering abundance and higher levels of energy, belief, and accomplishment.

Why would anyone settle for mediocre when their passion is everything but?

Why would anyone follow the crowd, only to disappear in it?

Your passion gives you the dream. Our passion helps you make the dream real.

You don’t need our help. 

You deserve it. 


visual oasis graphic design web design.png
visual oasis graphic design web design.png
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