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Unlocking Human Potential: Navigating Inner Signals for Success

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Spend a couple of minutes reading the following. 

After all, it’s about you. 

It’s about the nature of being human, different levels of experience, attaining higher states of being, the meaning of self-actualisation and how to reach great success. 

Not in a self-help section of the bookstore kind of way. More in a recognising the signs, intuitions, and your excitement kind of way.  Which is something you already do, because you’re human. 

But in order to get on board this particular train of thought, I’m going to ask you to suspend judgement, pause reality and engage your powers of imagination.

And yes, everything I’ve written so far can be used at the next party or gathering you attend to spice up the whole “so, what do you do for work” conversation. 

But why would I ask this of you? And what the hell am I going on about? 


Everything we know about our existence is theory. 

Granted, excellent theories based on facts currently agreed upon, exhibiting scientific excellence, mathematical prowess, and great historic understanding. 

Still, theories and facts are subject to change with new understanding and there is infinite room to shift perspectives, alter perceptions, and consider alternate possibilities. A multiverse of alternate possibilities!

Possibilities that empower us to reach higher levels of existence that we intuitively know are calling out to us.

Can you hear them? 

Not literally, that would be worrying. 

I mean can you hear your intuition? Are you connected to it? Open to it? Do you understand it?

The attraction you feel to a certain path. The understanding that you should follow that internal voice, whispering new visions of you, a more realised you. 

A you that instinctively knows the most authentic version of you possible. Freed from all restrictions of fear, doubt, indecisiveness, and procrastination. 

All wonderful characteristics of the human condition, I’m sure you agree. But here to teach us important lessons. 

By the way. Have you suspended, paused, and engaged?


If you’re still here, I genuinely appreciate your engagement. More than that. I want to know what you think about all of this. 

What do you think about being human? 

You see, perhaps there is more to this intuitive message stuff than plain desire? 

Perhaps it is a connection to another version of you that has achieved a higher level of self-realisation, and that power is somehow leaking through to this version of you in this version of the earth. 

I’ve gone cross-eyed just writing that. 

Let me attempt to clarify.

We are convinced we lead separate lives, but perhaps there is a deeper connection. Not only between each other and nature, the earth, and the stars, but also with other versions of ourselves. Other versions that exist in other versions of this planet.


Have we just walked into a lost script from Interstellar where all time and space exists simultaneously in the fifth dimensional plane and there’s no such thing as the linear passing of time as we float behind bookshelves and see everything happening instantaneously? 

Yes, I think we have. 

Ok cool, lets carry on. 

But in truth, the multiverse idea has arisen in many versions, primarily in cosmology, quantum mechanics, and philosophy, asserting the actual physical existence of different potential configurations or histories of the known observable universe.  

Right. Yes. Thanks for that quantum physicists. Got it. Mind. Blown. 

But in a good way. 

Blowing your mind is an important process that makes room for expansion of ideas, theories, and insight into what and who we really are and therefore the nature of being human.

Probably quite helpful when you think about it.  

So, there is no such thing as time, in a linear sense. Instead everything exists simultaneously.

Every possibility, every version of you, every choice you’ve taken, every decision made, and action taken. Every chance missed or opportunity grasped. 

The multiverse theory. The concurrent existence of the one you, in multiple universes. 

Now, to get this far we suspended judgement and paused what we think is reality. Now we use our powers of imagination. Where everything begins. 

Let’s start by accepting the multiverse theory as correct.

Then imagine our lives are measured on levels of personal attainment. And that attainment is found through knowledge, self-realisation, personal growth, enlightenment, facing fears and enjoyment of life. 

This is an individual experience that represents individual realised status. Not in terms of money, possessions, or social standing. But in terms of personal journey, authenticity to self and happiness.  

The more we follow our true paths, fulfill our purpose, let go of behaviours that no longer serve and consequentially raise our vibration, the more we reach a higher state of consciousness and a higher state of being. 

That frequency of achievement echoes out and is heard, or felt, by every other version of us. 

What if we are inextricable linked to each version? And each versions actions and decisions echo through to be felt by all. 

Perhaps higher vibrations are stronger, resulting in “lower” versions of us, (which may actually be you and I, right now in this non-linear moment), in experiencing feelings that life should be different. 

That we should be in a different place, face the adversity we avoid, find the courage to change what we need to change and have a higher level of personal success. Whatever that is for each of us. 

Again, not something measured in possessions perhaps, but in truth and authenticity. In the release of that inner tension that reminds you, you are not the highest or most levelled-up version of you. 

And that we feel the power from our higher selves but fail to recognise it. And in doing so we underestimate the nature of intuition. Of following what it is in life that calls us. In starting that business, taking that risk, facing that fear, or letting go of that habit.   

Could it all be part of the multiverse theory, and the concurrent existence of the one you, in multiple universes?

Could the purpose of life be to raise your vibration and frequency, to have all versions of you to ascend into the one?  

Even if this is nothing more than a theory. 

Listen to your heart. Listen to your intuition. It may very well be your higher self, calling you to raise your vibration.

To be what you know you were meant to be. 




– VO. 


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