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The Bravery of Brand Strategy

Strategy is theory. A theory based on what we know we can do, how we expect the market to react, and what actions we can take to position ourselves excellently. 

It represents what it is we want to happen. 

Unfortunately, strategy cannot be proven in advance. 

It is not quantifiable in the same way that a plan is. Plans deal with numbers, facts, outgoings, and overheads. 

With strategy, we have to accept that it’s not possible to know for sure how it will manifest, but that’s why it is a creative vision; a capacity to see the unseen. 

If we know ourselves, and we follow the logic, we can accept strategy for what it really is, an adventure.

A journey along a path that we can modify and refine as we watch it unfold. We observe, adapt, and respond. Embracing the unexpected.  

Strategy should be clear, simple, intuitive, and most importantly, exciting. 

Figure out what feels right. Then go do it. 

– VO.


visual oasis graphic design web design.png
visual oasis graphic design web design.png
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