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Choose Excitement

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Excitement is in you all of the time…


All feelings exist in us, all of the time. Like books on a shelf waiting to be taken down and opened.


The capacity to feel happiness, sadness, fear or excitement, is a capability we have and can connect with in an instant. 


So, if we have these emotions within us, waiting to come to the surface when called, do we choose when to feel them? Or must we wait for external factors to allow us to feel them? To give us permission. 


Will we not feel happiness unless an external event makes us happy? How about excitement? What if nothing exciting happens in our lives, will we not allow ourselves to experience that emotion for days, weeks or even months? 


My point is, we are all capable of choosing to experience positive emotions whenever we wish. They belong to us. Right now, we have the power to fill our entire beings with excited energy.


We can choose to fill our mind and body with positive energy that uplifts us. Powerful energy that flows through us. 


If we practice doing this. And combine it with visualisation, then we can use that energy to make wonderful things happen in our realities. Thoughts to feelings to actions to results.


The Better we become at this, the stronger those neural networks will become and the more powerful we become. The more resilient. The more capable of facing life’s challenges with a calm, clear and present mind. 


A mind that is a powerful tool of creation that can alter reality. So don’t wait for the world to tell you how to feel. 


We decide. We choose thoughts that empower us and generate the energy we need to keep moving. 


And that – is good advice.


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visual oasis graphic design web design.png
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