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Nikolaj d’Etoiles, a high-end men’s fashion brand inspired by the relaxed, sophisticated and empowered styles of well-dressed men across the world.

Project: Inspiration texts developed to capture the energy of collections based on historic people and world altering events.

Challenge: Capture the essence of stories that exist behind the collections. To inspire a feeling that echoes a time in history, reflected in the clothing, materials, cuts and colour schemes.

Approach: Working directly with the head designer to support her vision and explore the depths beneath the surface of the clothes. To turn the designer’s inspiration into a network of supporting texts that create a world of imagination.

Client: Nikolaj d'Etoiles

Location: Stockholm, Sweden.

fashion photo of a man

The Beginning

It was a beautiful summer’s day in Monte Carlo. The air of grand inspiration surrounded two individuals in the illustrious lobby of the Hotel De Paris.

The luxurious location perfectly reflected their desire to create the first Swedish high fashion label for men. The decision to embark upon the journey had been made and the first port of call was to choose a name worthy of its founder’s dreams and highest expectations.

The end of an era always brings a new beginning and with this the first name was chosen; Nikolaj, from Nikolaj the second, the last Tsar of Russia. A combination of royal influence and regal fashion sense would lend itself greatly to NDE’s design, look and feel. But what could accompany this chosen title?

Above was painted a glorious picture of angels, and below this heavenly creation they read the word d’Etoiles.

It was at this moment the two came together and Nikolaj d’Etoiles was born; a high fashion house for men, where classical elegance interacts with modern innovation.

Established in 2003, NDE reinvent the contemporary without losing essential essence. This original approach to garment creation allows the wearer to explore new realms of fashion without entering an abstract, uncomfortable or unfamiliar place.

The sensual, mystical and slightly eccentric touch of Nikolaj d’Etoiles understated extravagance, creates a world of inspired and imaginative designs. Luxurious materials form a landscape of fine precision, in a delightful mix of sharp lines, silhouettes and contrasts that capture the senses and lift the spirit.

visual oasis graphic design web design.png

A/W Collection Inspiration Text

You can call me Jack

Clouds of ashen grey hung illuminated in the moons gaze above the sprawling city of London. The streets below weaved through the darkness of centuries past, lined by myth and legend.

Echoes of history blend fact and fiction together in a seamless vision of truth and imagination, where the fabric of time is both fragile and resilient.

Walk along these streets of old London. From White Chapel and down through the winding lanes and alleyways. Hear passing carriages and the feel the cold blade of the nights air blunt itself upon the warmth of a welcoming tavern.

Watch with seductive intrigue as all appetites are indulged in fulfilment of the senses and infatuation of earthly pleasure, beauty and eternal youth.

But those who enter this realm must take heed; the effects of a man’s actions rest upon his soul and what comes to pass, will allow nothing to remain the same.

visual oasis graphic design web design.png
visual oasis graphic design web design.png
visual oasis graphic design web design.png
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