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We are, or actually, I am a human, called Emanuel Lindqvist, I do, as you might have guessed, Graphic Design and Web Design. I say we, because I collaborate with other creative humans in fields like Photography, Film, Marketing, Copywriting, Animation, etc. 


I am strategically located in front of a computer with internet access, in a house, in a forest, by a lake, between the towns Skellefteå and Umeå, in the country of Sweden. This means I am able to work remotely with you as a client, no matter if you’re a local or living on the other side of the globe.

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Luleå University Of Technology, Gold Town Games, Northvolt, Skellefteå Science City, Metso, Niyo, High In The Arctic, Courtrai, A Piece Of, Xzinghzhiong Noodles, Steemit, Berg Solutions, Morocco Medina, House of EAB, Randolf’s Legacy, Nicole’s Lantgård, Yvonne Eckerskog, TRIS - Tjejers Rätt i Samhället, Blue Parks, Klirr i Kassan, Artvise, W Print, Viktoria Melinder, Konst i Skellefteå, Anywheel, Frisörerna, Perceived Reality, Nordsken, The Flying Reindeer, Image In Words, Mastergravity, Hotel Victoria, Folkrörelsearkivet i Västerbotten, Arctic Seeds.

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Some Love From

Our Clients

Elise Avera - House of EAB
Brunswick, GA, USA

"Emanuel is an incredibly talented graphic designer and very easy to work with. He has a great vision and really helped me communicate my thoughts and designs while always being professional, kind, and very responsive. Great experience."

Sandra Sarin, TRIS - Tjejers Rätt i Samhället Uppsala, Sweden

"Emanuel har gjort vår grafiska profil som vi är mycket stolta över! Den är stilren, modern och kaxig! Genom Emanuel har vi nu en professionell profil som matchar vår verksamhet!"

Ingrid Åman - Randolfs Legacy
Skellefteå, Sweden

"Tänkte bara tala om hur stolt jag är över loggan. Passar perfekt till vårt företag, den är så mycket "vi" ! Finurligt att göra den i olika delar för att kunna byta ut våra olika signaturer. Du levererade mer än det jag förväntat mej!"

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visual oasis graphic design web design.png
More Love

We're thrilled to have been featured on in the Digital Art section with our Crop Circles.

And we're also excited to have been featured on in 

The Best Modern Web Designs category with

Viktoria Melinder's website.


We sincerely appreciate all the support!

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